Do this one thing if you want to keep increasing your ranks on Google

Search engine optimization or SEO, as it is called, can be confusing sometimes. You may try a lot of different methods to increase your rankings but sometimes Google just does not let you go to the first page. You are building good links and your CTR (click through ratio) is good but still your ranking is not increasing. Well maybe you have overlooked one important thing. What could be it?

Dwell Time is keeping you from reaching that number one spot

What is dwell time? Dwell time is the time spent by a user while viewing your webpage after clicking your link. A large number of people overlook the importance of dwell time. If people are bouncing off your website without spending much time it means your content is not good and Google will drop your ranking down instantly.

How to make searchers spend more time on your page

If you want people to stick to your webpage, you have to take care of a few things:

  • You have to increase the readability of your content. Break your content into smaller sentences. Use large fonts.
  • Always try to deliver some value to your users when writing a content piece. You can provide them new information or provide something that is quite valuable to them.
  • Use catchy headlines. This could be the most important part. You can hook most of the people with a catchy headline.

Use one tool to take care of all of this

It is quite hard to take care of all of these things. You cannot always remember everything. That is why you must install a free plugin to your WordPress website. Install Yoast plugin and it will tell you what is required to be done to make your content SEO-friendly.

Try expert’s help

If you find all these intimidating you can search for an expert. Just search long tail keywords (if you are living there or nearby) and you can pick the one which seems best.