Easy Steps to Delete Your Google Review: A Detailed Overview

Whether you’re a business owner or just a reviewer, Google reviews can have a significant impact on a person’s reputation. While most Google reviews are positive, some negative reviews can be brutal and can cause significant damage to a business’s image. If you’re one of those who have posted a review that you now regret, you’ll be glad to know that Google allows users and business owners to Google review removal.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to delete a Google review.

Here are the steps to delete a Google review:

1 – Log in to Google My Business:

Before you can delete a review, you need to have your business listed on Google. Go to the Google My Business page and log in to your account. Then, navigate to your business profile.

2 – Locate the Review You Want to Delete:

Once you’re on your business profile, click on Reviews on the left-hand menu. Find the review you want to delete and click on the three vertical dots found on the right-hand side of the review.

3 – Click on Flag as Inappropriate:

After clicking on the three vertical dots, a popup box will appear with the option to Flag as inappropriate. This option will alert Google that the review is either spam or violates the company’s guidelines.

4 – Select the Reason Why You Want to Delete the Review:

Google will give you an option to choose why you think the review is inappropriate. There are many options to select from, but you should choose a reason that fits the situation. For example, if the review is derogatory or contains inappropriate language, you can select Hate Speech or Offensive Language.

5 – Wait for Google to Review and Remove the Review:

After you’ve flagged the review, Google will review its legitimacy. Only reviews that violate the company’s guidelines or contain spam will be removed. If the review does not violate Google’s policies, it will remain on the website.


Negative reviews can severely impact a business’s reputation. While businesses cannot magically make negative reviews disappear, they can attempt to resolve customer complaints or hide unnecessary content. Understanding how to remove negative Google reviews can save your business from potential damage. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide on how to delete a Google review was helpful in learning how to handle negative reviews. So, next time, if you happen to post a review that you now regret, follow these steps to delete the review without any hassle.