Essentials of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a very powerful tool that online marketers use to lure visitors to their website. If you’re familiar with SEO, then you already know about keywords, key phrase density and a little about html coding. Aside from this, you should also know the difference between white hat SEO writing and black hat SEO writing. Morals aside, the two types of SEO writing have some useful techniques that one follow. In a can, SEO helps your website get more traffic and be on top of organic search listings.

However, when you write an SEO article remember that there are things you cannot ignore. Here are a few samples and tips that can help:

Quality first

Most SEO practitioners forget that filling your article with the keywords and key phrases doesn’t necessarily mean people will read them. Yes, it helps in your SEO ranking, but in the long run when people visit your site and get nothing but keywords or phrases that don’t fill their need, there is little chance they’ll return to your site or even finish reading what you’ve written. The content of the article is the essential thing. People surf the web to find useful information. If your articles are meaningful and useful, you can be assured that people who read them will go back to your website and even subscribe to you. This is what most SEO writers miss who put keyword density first before the content. Most of the time their paragraphs are repetitive and when you filter it out, they wasted words or even paragraphs saying nothing. SEO writers should always remember that they are writers, and not keyword producers.


Remember to exploit the power of Localization. Readers and customers are people with real and immediate concern. The internet is massive, and when you write articles always remember that even though you have the whole planet as your audience, there is a specific location where you can make sales immediately. When building your site and making articles, remember to mention the scope of your area and the time you can fill your customers’ needs. Let’s make an example for this, if you live in California and you’re promoting pet products, make sure that you mention where your audience can visit shops or provide links to local websites and listings. Include phone numbers and addresses so that your audience will understand that your articles are ‘real’ and what you’re saying is tangible. This also clarifies that you are not just after sales or web ranking and that you really want to help your visitors.


On average, an SEO article is about 450 to 600 words. That’s about a third of a page, packed with information and details. SEO articles are short by nature because you don’t want your visitors to be bored with useless information. To do this, make an outline first. Prioritize your subtopics according to their importance, and make sure to give information in a concise manner.