HONOR Speaker Assessment

The explosion of Bluetooth devices has revived the entire wireless audio market. Bluetooth speaker has become the most popular wireless audio product. For users, wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology are unfamiliar products. People do not have a thorough sense of them. HONOR Mini Speakers are not expensive and have excellent sound quality. So how does this product work?

Portability and appearance are the first reason to choose a Bluetooth speaker. The final approval of users depends on the experience. They include the quickness of connection, sound quality and endurance.

After consulting friends who have used Bluetooth speakers, there are many drawbacks. Such as complicated Bluetooth connection, unstable connection and poor sound quality. For these places, we will test HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speakers.

Users can press the circular key for a long time to control the state. The blue indicator above the key is bright when it is connected. If music is not played for 30 minutes, the speaker will stop. The first pairing takes about three seconds. The sound box will send out a Ding Dong HUAWI classic tone to complete the pairing. When using it, it is only necessary to turn on the machine. The sound box and the mobile phone will be connected. It can provide convenience for “lazy people”.

There are three main reasons for the instability of Bluetooth connection. The first is that the transmission distance is far. The second is obstacles. In particular, the materials of walls and steel structures affect the signal. The third is that there are many peripheral devices. Bluetooth may switch devices.

Bluetooth 4.2 adopted by HONOR speaker has many innovations and improvements.  Data is more secure. The device address can be hidden to ensure privacy rights. The transmission speed is higher. The transmission error rate is reduced. The overall ability to overcome noise interference is stronger.

Users think the higher the Bluetooth version lead to farther transmission distance will be. In fact, the transmission distance of Bluetooth speaker has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version. It depends on the advanced level of technology. At present, Bluetooth speakers on the market are PowerClass2 standard. It has a transmission distance of 10 meters. The upgraded PowerClass1 increases the transmission distance to 100 meters. It provides Hi-Fi stereo effect. After actual tests, the transmission distance is about 10 meters.

HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker uses 3W full-frequency speaker. It is with a frequency covering 50-25000Hz and an independent bass diaphragm design at the bottom. In terms of endurance, HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker has 660mAh lithium battery. It can last for 4 hours.

This paper introduces the actual use of HONOR Mini speaker. It will be helpful to consumers who pay attention to this product.