Web Design

How Does a Website Builder Aid in Reducing Design Costs?

A website can help you build your business and market your products and services well.  However, setting up and maintaining a website involves several expenses including buying a domain, and building and designing the website followed by buying hosting plans for it. The costs vary according to your requirements and the tools or design option selected. One way to reduce the website design cost is to opt for a website builder tool rather than choosing the services of professional designers.  Some hosting companies provide a full package that includes a domain name as well website builder tools with drag-and-drop features besides the hosting services for your website. This not only allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business but also saves a lot of expenses.

Website Designing is Costly

Website designing can be quite costly with professionals charging thousands of rupees to set up and design your website. However, if you have budget constraints and find it difficult to afford professional website designers or are looking for quick and cheaper options, choose the easy website builder offered by your hosting company.

The other option of designing a website yourself requires you to learn to code or have some design skills which again involves a lot of time and effort.  You can also use content management systems like WordPress to build a website but will have to buy additional plugins and themes besides buying a hosting plan for the same.  However, the most economical option is to approach a hosting company that provides you with all the services including a website builder tool.

Cost Benefits of Using a Website Builder

  • No Need to Spend on Acquiring Technical Knowledge– A website builder tool allows you to build a website without having any kind of technical knowledge or knowledge of coding. All you need to do is choose a template and click, drag-and-drop content to build a home page and additional pages of your website by using the WordPress tools. This means you do not have to learn to code or design for setting up your website.
  • Save on Professional Fees– A website builder is simple to use and comes with a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to set up a website yourself. There is no need to seek professional assistance and pay additional fees for that. However, if you need a customized website you will need to seek professional help.
  • Allow Quick Changes– A website builder allows you to change the look and feel of your website at any time without spending any extra money. The online builder allows you to do a real-time check on the changes made in your website before making it visible to the targeted audience. This will keep your overall website design costs low.
  • No Additional Costs for Theme, Hosting, and Security– When you buy a website builder you do not need to pay additional charges for WordPress themes, hosting, and the security of your website. Your hosting provider will include them in one single plan.
  • Power to Leverage Additional Features of WordPress– When you choose a website builder built on WordPress, you get to leverage the power and functionality of the CMS. This means you have access to additional plugins and addons to enhance its looks and features. Easy access to plugins that enable features such as on-page testimonials, newsletter subscriptions, and contact forms and save a lot of time.
  • No additional Charges for Making Your Website Mobile Ready– When you choose a website builder from a reputed hosting services provider you get access to intuitive templates that will optimize your website for mobiles, tablets, and other machines.

To reap the benefits of a WordPress website builder, choose a product that comes with quick-start templates, real-time edit, and essential security features.