SEO tips for beginners to remember

The online market is huge and competitive. There are a lot of similar products available online and thus every company wants to stand away from the others. In the online world, this means that you have to make your website visible to as many customers as possible. Search engine optimization works for exactly this purpose. You can also buy SEO links. To begin with, here are some tips to make your website better optimized.

Link your home page to your important pages

The first page which appears to the visitor is your home page. It is the page that is receiving the majority of the links than any of your other pages. Thus, it is important to take advantage of this by linking your home page effectively to your other subpages. This could be done by using Javascript or AJAX but the sure-shot option would be to go with HTML links or buy SEO links. Along with the most important subpages, you can also add links to some of your important products directly in the navbar. Instead of products, you could feature articles or landing pages. It is better to make the links appear on the main page rather than on the navbar or footer as they are unlikely to get many viewers. 

Use optimized images

Using a large size of images for the website is an absolute blunder that one can commit. Images with large file sizes will take a longer time to load and make your page slow. Your visitors are certainly not going to be amused by this. Many people don’t even care to put up a proper resolution image. These small things can have a huge impact on your website resulting in bad ranking and user experience. A little bit of attention to the size and resolution of the image will make the user experience even better.

Make use of social media for valuable keywords

Using a suitable keyword for your website can bring in a lot of visitors. You can use social media to monitor conversations for valuable keywords. If you feel that certain keywords could be of help to use, note it down and try to use it in your website or blog. This will put a step ahead of your competitors or else you can buy SEO links.


These are some common SEO tips which many people ignore while most of them undermine the true potential of these points. If properly utilized, these points will certainly give you a headstart into the world of SEO.