Simple Recommendations To Take Care Of Your Computer Hardware

Here are some simple recommendations to take care of the hardware of your equipment such as HPE MSL2024 LTO Tape Library for example, be it desktop or Laptop:

-If you have a desktop computer (PC) installed, the distance it from the wall by at least 20cm and hopefully isolate it from other elements of the house so that there is air circulation and the one that expels the equipment can dissipate. Suppose you leave it attached to the wall, another piece of furniture, or cornered without space. In that case, the hot air generated by the equipment’s ventilation (processor, power source, motherboard, etc.) will remain circulating the equipment for longer, which will cause its temperature to be higher, which, over time, damages the equipment shortens its useful life.

– Protect your desktop computer (PC) from electricity shocks with measures as simple as an extension cord with resistance. Generally, this type of extension cord (also called a shoe) comes with a switch that has a light indicating the passage or power cut. If there is a rise in voltage, this type of extension cord will burn this resistance and cut off the current, preventing it from reaching your equipment and damaging any component. It is advisable, when the equipment is not in use, to leave the passage of the current cut in the extension cord as a preventive measure.

– If possible, install an emergency power supply battery (also called UPS) to protect not only the hardware of your equipment but also the data contained in it by software, which are susceptible to corruption if the power supply is left to supply suddenly without allowing the correct shutdown of the equipment. Small UPS gives you a couple of minutes to shut down and save everything before properly shutting down the equipment.

– In the case of portable computers (Notebook, also called Laptop, or netbook), ventilation is also essential. It is recommended to use a notebook stand, especially if you use your laptop on your lap or bedding. Most of these bases come with fans that allow a faster dissipation of the heat emitted by the equipment. This is highly recommended if we use the laptop to play or when we are in bed with the equipment, since this last time the equipment, being supported by elements made to keep the heat, heats up more.

-When you have a laptop, the priority is to use the battery. DO NOT ALWAYS work connected to electricity. It is essential that you use the battery and, if possible, fully discharge it at least once a day. If the equipment is always connected to the power supply, the battery will quickly lose its useful life. If you need the equipment to be constantly connected to electricity, remove its battery not to lose its useful life.


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