The WhatsApp Business Compliance Checklist

The introduction of WhatsApp and its highly secure messaging function has attracted many businesses to use it in their communications. If you are one of those companies interested in switching to the application, there are a couple of steps to ensure compliance.

There are many ways to make WhatsApp business-ready, such as using the archive WhatsApp chat function. Besides that, you need to stay transparent and implement policies for the responsible use of the platform in the workplace.

From knowing how to archive a chat in WhatsApp to labelling messages, here are the ways to prepare your WhatsApp for business.

The WhatsApp Business Checklist

Create a Business Account

Creating a business account is the first step to making your WhatsApp business-worthy. You must verify the number and your business profile to make communications with clients secure and more efficient.

It would be best if you input the following to set up the business account:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Products
  • Services

After that, integrate smart messaging tools such as automated greetings and quick replies. Additionally, set up a schedule for message frequency and business hours.

Train Employees

After setting up your business account, you must train your employees about responsible messaging and the value of protecting customer data. Limit WhatsApp as much as possible for personal use, especially since this could lead to data breaches and leaks.

Inform the workforce about the policies you intend to implement, such as when and where to use WhatsApp, password policies, and monitoring. Plus, teach them how to use the application and maximize the features properly.

Archive Messages

Your legal responsibilities include recording all conversations sent to and from your business. Regulatory agencies like SEC and HIPAA can issue fines for irresponsible messaging practices, which may harm your brand.

Though WhatsApp has an archive feature, it is not enough to satisfy compliance requirements since they do not make permanent copies of the message. For firm protection, partner with a reliable agency that can give you an archiving solution.

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