Things To Know About Advertisement Using Twitter And YouTube

Twitter and YouTube are two social media platforms where one can advertise. They both are used globally by billions of users. Here are some things you need to know about using Twitter and YouTube for an advertisement from promorepublic:

Twitter Ads

Twitter is a content-rich social network, even though it focuses on short text format. This feature is what makes it so unique! Through it, people can express themselves briefly about something that happened in their day, memes, and news.

One of the main benefits of this platform is the speed with which information can be disseminated among users. Twitter’s algorithm suggests several publications for its users, not to mention the famous hashtags and topic trends. These features make the content there very scalable and high potential to go viral. If you work with a news portal or magazine, you certainly don’t want to be left out of that social network.

How Can I Get My Ads Out On Twitter?

Ads on the network can be created and served through Twitter Ads, where you have access to several features, such as:

  • choice of the target audience;
  • budget definition;
  • creating campaigns.

Several options combine short texts + other types of content; check out what they are!

  • Promoted text;
  • Promoted image;
  • Promoted GIF;
  • promoted poll;
  • promoted account;
  • promoted video

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the most famous social video network, being the second most used worldwide! It has content of all types and for all audiences, being a platform full of opportunities and resources for content creators.

The Main Advantages Of Advertising On YouTube Ads

  • Content diversity: Videos are becoming the preferred content format for consumers. This is because it is an efficient way to present different concepts, ideas, and knowledge. You can explore additional features and content formats, featuring animations, infographics, images, and even other pictures for videos to record.
  • Assertiveness: Ads on YouTube can be targeted according to the topic covered in the videos where they will be shown. This makes them more assertive, reaching the right users when they are looking for content on the topic promoted in the ads.

Ads can be served by YouTube Ads, a tool from the platform itself with several features.

The Ad Formats Available On The Network

  • True View In-Stream;
  • True View Video Discovery;
  • bumper Ads;
  • overlay advertisement;
  • sponsored cards.