Tips on hiring a wedding photographer

When it comes to hiring a service, the bride and groom need to know exactly who they are dealing with to avoid headaches. So, you want to do due diligence to hire the right caterer, the right decorator, or even the right souvenir manufacturer like Promotion Choice to make all your adorable giveaways and promotional materials. It is no different from the photographer. So here are tips with everything you need to know about hiring a wedding photographer:

1- Level of importance of photography

That’s right. You need to know how much the photograph represents to you. Some couples want the simple record of the moment, either because they have a tight budget or they have no idea how sensational it is to work with a top wedding photographer.

If this is your case, you should try the following: take a good look at the best photographers’ work in your city and see how a good wedding photographer can capture the event’s most fantastic emotions! Your photography passion will increase considerably, and you will surely hire a better wedding photographer than simply wanting to hire someone to do a simple registration.

We know that in most cases, the budget is tight. We are not saying that the most expensive wedding photographer is necessarily the best.

2- Origin of the wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer requires a lot of professionalism. When you hire a professional to work in 2 years, have you ever thought that he needs to exist as a company for at least another 24 months?

Unfortunately, we see people’s cases (it is not appropriate to use the word ‘professionals,’ because they are not) who act in bad faith and leave the client in hand on the wedding day. And this has already happened to photographers, steaks, decoration companies, etc.

And the overwhelming majority are excellent professionals and cannot ‘afford the duck’ of those few on the market. But, to avoid such a problem, the more you know the origin, the more relaxed it will be to hire a wedding photographer.

Ask your friends, ask for directions. Abuse Google when searching for a photographer in your city or region. When you find a professional you liked, log on to your website, social media, send an email, chat in person. Anyway, do everything to strengthen the relationship with him.

5 – Ask the photographer if he shoots in RAW or jpeg.

Maybe you have no idea what that is. We will explain briefly why this is important.

RAW means’ raw’ in English. Raw images are free of any compression. It is as if they were the “negatives” at the time of the film. They have not yet been ‘processed’ by the camera. Processing will be done on the computer. It is much easier to process a photo taken in RAW.

The jpeg is already an image that was processed by the camera itself. It is as if the digital camera were the laboratory, and I had already delivered the finished photo to you. When you throw the image in jpeg to the computer, it is no longer the raw material. You might have lost image quality if you took it directly in jpeg.