What are IoT solutions? How are IoT solutions implemented? 

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IoT solutions, in a broad sense, is an integrated bundle of technologies that includes various sensors. Companies, as well as organisations, can buy them to solve issues and get through certain obstacles that they might come across in their organisation. 

IoT solutions enclose IoT device designers, software developers, as well as product manufacturers, need to create and implement IoT ideas, that include hardware IP and software platforms. 

It helps build overwhelming networks of IoT devices, reducing the complexity, ensuring the efficiency of devices, and driving innovation across industries that are looking for opportunities for growth, development and operational efficiencies. 


IoT solutions create value that is beyond the minor issue that the IoT solution was initially expected to solve. With real-time location details, auctions and dealerships can

  • Track cars through different stages in their prices to identify inefficiencies and trigger alerts if a car is in a given area for an eerie long time. 
  • Trigger alerts if the car is taken off the property, to prevent theft and robbery. 
  • Automatically optimise the route when moving vehicles to prepare them for auction.
  • Provide a web app to the end-users to find cars on their own. 


An IoT platform is a combination of components that allow developers to spread out the applications, remotely collect data, securitize connectivity, and execute sensor management. An IoT platform also manages the connectivity of devices and further allows the developers to build new forms of mobile software applications. 

Examples of IoT applications include smart home systems like Amazon Echo and even smartwatches for that matter. A very prominent mention can be Fitbit. 

IoT platform is a multi-layered form of technology that allows straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of devices that are connected within the universe of the Internet of Things.

It all cuts down to how we look at an IoT platform. It is usually referred to as a cloud enablement platform or an IoT enablement platform to underpin the majority of its business value, empowering standard devices with cloud-based applications. 


It shares the sensor data collected by connecting to an IoT gateway where data is sent to the cloud for analysing purposes. These devices work solely without any form of human intervention. But people can interact with these devices regarding concerns of giving instruction or setting them up. 

It can also make proper use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help and make the process of data collection easier as well as dynamic.


To begin with, initially, you need to set your business objectives clearly and vividly. You need to have proper knowledge, if not, you can reach out to professionals like engineers and other experts. Identify the problem that you are trying to solve and come up with possible solutions regarding the same. 

Once you have identified your problem, you must go through with the investigation of whether or not it falls into one of the already established IoT solutions. 

The next step would call for being decisive on the correct hardware. You need to figure out what will be involved in the adopted IoT technology. This hardware comprises in its most fundamental form of sensors, like devices used to provide data concerning weight, volume, temperature, humidity and so on. 

You need to be aware of the connectivity before committing to any purchase. 

Then, you must move forward by selecting IoT tools, followed by the selection of an IoT platform, prototyping and implementing, gathering necessary data. Then moving on by applying cold and hot path analytics, implementation of machine learning, focusing on security and risks related to it. 


Without a doubt, one can easily say that IoT solutions and IoT platforms are a whole universe in itself that is filled with complications, intricacies and many risks. But the silver lining here suggests that it can also manage to give you rewards that go beyond your imagination. 

IoT has brought a revolution in the manner we go about with our day to day tasks. It can give you a competitive edge which is unimaginable in physical terms. But in hindsight, you must prioritise safety and security before anything. New technologies emerge every day, but with a fair share of risks and dangers. Make sure to seek expert help without leaving room for hesitation because incomplete knowledge can turn out to be horrendous. Security measures and safety measures must be implemented to great lengths.