What Are The Benefits Of The Virtual Switchboard For Teleworking?

Many companies have quickly adapted to telecommuting thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and virtual switchboard systems in the cloud. This solution allows employees to continue their activity from home as if they were in the office.

In contrast, other companies with traditional telephone and switchboard systems have not been able to adapt adequately. This can negatively impact the performance of employees who, on occasions, are forced to take inefficient measures such as the use of call diversions to your phone.

What Is A Virtual Switchboard In The Cloud?

The Virtual PBX uses the intelligent VoIP communication system and advanced software technology to make, receive and manage all company calls securely from anywhere. Only an internet connection is required.

Benefits Of A Virtual Switchboard For Teleworking:

  1. Mobility To Telework As Well As From The Office

You can hold an online conference (ประชุมออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai), receive and manage your business calls from anywhere with an Internet connection using your computer, mobile or desk phone.

  1. Service Is Always Available

Thanks to technical support included 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This proven and reliable system consists of the necessary improvements and updates to always have the latest technology.

  1. Integrated Solution

With Microsoft Teams and your CRM/ERP system, this integration allows you to easily manage your customers’ information and reduce the number of applications on your team.

  1. Control And Easy Management

Thanks to the administration panel and more than 40 functionalities of the platform, which allows you to record calls or monitor lines.Companies, managers and employees face the challenge of evolving rapidly to emerge stronger from this crisis. Technology and new solutions in business communication can be our allies.

The services of the Virtual Switchboard in the cloud backup allow companies to implement teleworking, so that their collaborators carry out their activity from anywhere safely and profitably.