What is a CRM? What is the free CRM for startups?

8 Best Free CRM Solutions For Startups | Free CRM Softwares

Being a startup employee might be a little chaotic.

Additionally, daily life’s non-linear work and task juggling can result in the ad hoc adoption of a haphazard collection of digital instruments. Managing this mess can take time away from selling and/or furthering your business goals. You can maintain coordination and agility with a CRM for startups.

Your rock amid the storm is CRM software. It keeps track of your relationships and centralizes your business procedures so you may organize your affairs and begin growing your company.

Increased revenue results from features like lead management and sales pipeline management. Time is saved, and tedious processes are eliminated with workflow automation, two-way syncing with other apps, and automatic data entry. Adopting a top CRM for startups of some sort is essentially a prerequisite for all of these reasons and more.

Keep on reading to learn what are CRM and some best free CRM forstartups!

What is a CRM?

The only tool you need to maintain your contacts, make calls, send and track emails, generate reports, and see your sales funnel clearly is a sales top CRM for startups.

This implies that you can concentrate on stabilizing and scaling your startup to larger heights while your reps are preoccupied with closing the next deal.

CRM for startups—What you need to look for?

A startup has distinct CRM needs from an established business. And it’s critical to know what they must precisely search for in top CRM for startups because there are a lot of drawbacks to picking the incorrect CRM:

The CRM might not be fit for your startup; it might have more capabilities than you need and be difficult to use; it might seem reasonable now, but if your company expands and you want to convert to a higher subscription plan, the expenses will probably increase by a factor of ten.

You might not receive timely responses to your questions.

Features of best CRM for Startups

  • The right functionality
  • Affordabilit
  • Ease of use
  • Automation
  • Scalability
  • Support

Top and Best Free CRM for Startups


For startups that use Google Workspace to manage leads and projects, support issues, etc. Streak is one of the top CRM for startups CRM. With enhanced mail merging, email tracking, and different pipelines, users may now improve their inboxes. Streak is perfect for them because every new company endeavor starts with G Suite for exchanging emails, sharing papers, etc.

Some of Streak’s Best Features include 

  • Chrome extension for Gmail integration
  • Core CRM for reminders
  • Tasks, storing meeting notes, and call logs
  • Knowledge-base with in-depth tutorials
  • Ability to create and manage quotes and invoices
  • Multiple custom pipelines for sales
  • Hiring
  • Support
  • Partnerships
  • Enables Gmail to automate responses
  • View customer history
  • Use mail merge.


A CRM for startups, Freshworks manages your leads. It assigns them to personnel in charge of sales, ranks them according to significance, and plans follow-ups. No matter where a lead is in the sales funnel, it tracks them all. Freshworks wins the prize whether you want to plan an email or make an email template. When checking on a specific lead, its Collaborative Notes function enables everyone on your team to see every last detail. It enables you and your group to free up more time for other important duties.

Some of the Best Features of Freshworks

  • Freshworks provides complete support for third-party
  • Partner add-ons, and customization.
  • Clear modules and sub-modules
  • Organized display of 1152 features placed in the typical CRM framework
  • Creates custom modules to capture information particular to your business process
  • Multi-currency and multi-language.


One of the top CRMs for startups, small businesses, and medium-sized firms, Zoho strikes a great balance between encouraging connectivity opportunities with other tools you’re probably already using and providing capabilities within the software itself. A wide variety of email marketing solutions is available from Zoho. Zoho can be a great option for you if you’re a freelancer looking to connect with many potential clients. Additionally, G-Suite is integrated.

Some of the Best Features of Zoho

  • Customizable quotes and invoices

  • Online and in-person training programs

  • Telephone

  • Live chat

  • Email customer assistance

  • Project management and team collaboration tools

  • Customizable pricing pages

  • Product details

  • Customer databases

  • Built-in phone system and video conferencing.


Close streamlines routine processes like data entering and updating contact fields. It makes the most of the time spent pursuing, nurturing, and closing leads. It is firmly focused on generating more money for startups and small enterprises. You can send an automated sequence of drip sales emails to new client prospects that arrive automatically or manually using its simple-to-use Email Sequences function.

Some of the Benefits of Close

  • Provides reporting
  • Voice calls (including call recording)
  • SMS
  • Pipeline view, and email marketing services all in one location.
  • Sales representatives can increase efficiency by auto-dialing several numbers using the pre-recorded voicemail feature.
  • Numerous beneficial connections to services, including Mailchimp, Slack, Google Sheets, Zendesk, Facebook, and Zapier.

Final words

The apps you integrate into your CRM serve as the wheel’s spokes if your CRM is a wheel. Smartrr supports a wide range of apps, from customer service software to document signing tools, making it more functional and preventing you from having to juggle various tools.