What is mean by industry 4.0?

Due to technological advancement and great inventions by some genius minds, it has brought the world at the edge of success. Every industry and field has developed a lot; new technology has been introduced to make work more productive and secure. Thanks to the digitalization of manufacturing that has leveled up the production of different products. This change is known as industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 represents the Revolution that occurred in the manufacturing sector. Now the question arises why it is called the industry 4.0 revolution? 4.0 represents the fourth revolution. There is a number of revolutions, in which industry 4.0 stands at 4th position.

Introduction to industrial revolution era:

Industrial Revolution mainly starts from 18 century or we can say in the early 19th century. The industrial revolution was not based on a single even but many interrelated developments. A large area of the Western world was engaged in the agriculture sector. Then after the industrial revolution, they converted to an industrial system. A large number of the population left the agriculture field and work for the industrial occupations offered by different factories. Many factoring companies themselves transformed due to technological improvement. The first industrial revolution was related to steam power, the second was the age of Science and the third was a digital revolution. Now the 4th revolution digital factory has played an essential role in modernizing our society. In the first industrial revolution, they use to heat up the water and get steam and moreover use that steam engines for the Production and Manufacturing of different products.

Second and third revolution introduction:

Whereas the second revolution is known as the age of Science and mass production where a number of inventions were introduced. That includes gasoline engines, chemical fertilizers all these inventions really helped the industry grow faster and do more. All this advancement was not limited to laboratory but in the 20th century according to the reports Henry Ford Company was involved in mass production of cars with the gasoline engine. In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution comes up with one of the famous wonders of the world that is a digital revolution. Today if you are using these telecommunication networks it is what the digital Revolution has gifted us. This revolution includes the invention of Mainframe, computer, internet, etc.