What Makes Codelabs Come Up With the Best Of Huawei Features?

Huawei continues to grow, both in global sales and in the technological development it offers to users. Its products are present in more than 170 countries, allowing a third of the world’s population to have access to highly technological smartphones.

Investment in Technology

The technological reach of Huawei devices is accompanied by constant support for advancement in telecommunications. The company has an investment of more than 10% of its annual income, which is destined to the development and investment in the improvement of its services. Presented in other figures, in the last 10 years, Huawei has directed more than $73 million dollars in research, of which $14 million correspond only to 2018. From the Codelabs you can get all the information and analysis about the same.

As a result of the company’s interest in research and development, Huawei broke through in 2018 with an 8% increase in the value of its brand, which allowed it to reach the 47th position in the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking of 2019. As an additional recognition, the UN has placed Huawei in the fourth global place of the companies that invested the most in research and development throughout 2018, leading over other companies such as Microsoft and Apple.

Currently, Huawei has 14 research and development centers in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. Both the centers and their global network are backed by three decades of experience in the world of telecommunications, years during which they have dedicated themselves to offering the best technological advances to their consumers worldwide. Among the services that can be accessed are popular smartphones, followed by tablets, PCs, handheld devices and the cloud.

Social Responsibility

As part of its corporate social responsibility project, Huawei has the “Seeds for the Future” program, aimed at seeking and developing talents in information and communication technologies (ICT), supporting the transfer of knowledge, promoting a culture that understands and is interested in the potential of telecommunications, as well as improving the participation of the digital community. This program started in 2008 and has been implemented in more than 100 countries, which has allowed more than 30,000 students to prepare in the 350 best universities in the world.

Huawei Autonomous Vehicles By 2021

In the same way that the company is dedicated to improving its existing products, it is also preparing to revolutionize the automotive market. Huawei is working on the design and presentation of cars that will be able to transport passengers safely and efficiently, without having to rely on human pilots. This will be possible thanks to the adaptation of the artificial intelligence software with which Huawei works on its other devices. In this way, the company maintains its mission of offering a true artificial intelligence experience in each of the products that consumers purchase.

Through these technical advancements, Huawei’s worldwide community of developers and partners will be able to provide consumers with thrilling and creative experiences. Huawei also unveiled six new devices during the conference, including the HUAWEI MateBook 14, the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro, and the HUAWEI FreeLace Pro.

Huawei Codelab

Huawei brings together developers from across the world for three days of fascinating events, including lakeside discussions, specialized lectures, hourly online Q&A sessions, and computer programming classes called “Code Lab.” The route will enable developers to network, collaborate, and discover new methods to provide intelligent experiences to any user in any situation.

Huawei’s achievement in ecosystem development is a result of the company receiving significant support from worldwide developers and partners. Huawei will make core technologies, as well as software and hardware capabilities, completely accessible to developers, collaborating with them to foster innovation within a smart ecosystem that is suitable for all scenarios Executive Director and CEO of Huawei’s consumer division. Regardless of how black the night, the stars always shines. Each of our developers is a shining star in their own right. They combine to produce a dazzling constellation that illuminates the path.