What Makes the Backlink Usage Essential in the Different Parts of the Process

Just as there are websites specifically for press releases, there are also sites that collect articles. If you write a quality article and have it posted on different websites, you can increase the number of backlinks you get by adding a link here. This option is similar to posting a press release or writing a guest blog. 

Websites such as and are both examples of places where you can post your article. Don’t do this too often, otherwise the search engines will classify your backlink profile as unnatural again. If you use this option properly, other users will start sharing or taking over your articles, causing your link to reappear in a variety of places. 

A link on a home page 

This option to get backlinks isn’t always valuable, but if you use it sporadically, it’s an option to consider. A home page is a collection of links and many people set it as the first page they see when they open the Internet. There are hundreds of home pages in the Netherlands and there may be one in your industry. You don’t always get a successful backlink with this method, because the page is so full of links that it comes across as unbelievable. 

It is very easy to request to add a link to a homepage, only more often than not it will be rejected. If you can get a link on some home pages then that’s enough. Open your own homepage, for example if it does not yet exist in your field. You can buy backlinks and make the best usage for the same.

Your backlinks must be maintained 

As you can see from the above information, gathering backlinks is not easy. In addition, it is also very time-consuming and you run the risk that the search engines will give you a negative backlink profile. If you have managed to collect qualitative backlinks, it is also important to maintain them properly. 

  • The links you get from external websites are not always under control and it may be that someone links to you without you noticing. If this is a toxic backlink, it can negatively affect your profile. That is why it is good to go through all the links you get from time to time. You do this with specially developed and free programs called backlink checkers. Well-known examples of these tools are SEO Spyglass, Moz Open Site Explorer, SEMRUSH, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs. With this you can go through not only your own backlinks, but also those of the competitors. Equally important when talking about backlinks it is about checking inbound links.

Some considerations about backlinks 

There are a number of points that you should be aware of if you want to work on your link building. Links can be lost : don’t forget that if you change the structure of your website, you will also lose a large number of links. So it’s best if you just keep the URLs the same, but change the content if you want. If you are not able to do this, you e-mail the websites that use your link with the new website address and ask them to change this. A backlink for you is an external link for them, so you both benefit from this.