Why niche is important in online business

Most people tend to overlook one of the most important things in a business that you need to succeed. It is called niche. A niche explains what your business is about and what benefits it offers to your customers.

You can choose to sell clothes, and then selling clothes is your niche. But selling just clothes is a very broad niche. You can say millions of people are already selling clothes. So what better can you do now?

You have to narrow down your niche. Instead of selling just clothes, start selling baby clothes for 3-12 months old babies. This will narrow down your niche and it would be easier to target the right people. This type of niche is called a sub-niche.

How to find your niche

Finding your niche is not much difficult. If you are working right now or you own a business, you are already familiar with your niche. If your business is about selling books, then that is your niche. If you love to read books and you work in a library, selling book can be your niche as a businessman.

How to grow your audience using niche

It is said that having 100 dedicated and loyal followers is better than having 10,000 followers who are not interested in you.

You have to narrow down your niche and only target those people who are interested in your sub-niche. You can target these people on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Instagram followers can be increased by using Instagram follower services[jasa follower instagram, which is the term in Indonesian] provided by digital marketing agencies. These agencies also provide Facebook like services to get more likes on your Facebook fanpage.

You need a good number of followers and Facebook likes to make the people trust you. These followers and likes work as social proofs and help you get the right followers for your niche.