Why Use A UPS For My Servers

 The purpose of a UPS is to provide a source of energy that remains stable and continuous voltage regardless of the disturbances that may exist in the commercial network.

The benefits of having it are among others:

  • Protection against damage with overvoltage suppression and line noise filtering
  • Protection against power outages and downtime with a reliable battery backup
  • Protection against data loss and remote shutdown options

The on-line double-conversion design allows the UPS (UPS which is the term in Thai) to supply the pure Sine wave output without any interference from the main network. When the main power supply is unstable, the UPS can be activated instantly and the transfer time is equal to zero, that is, the load will never cease to be protected, this can guarantee the safety and reliability of the protection to the load.

The advantages of using a “True on-line” UPS are:

Zero transfer time when there is a power outage, and the UPS goes to batteries; the load does not run out of power or a millisecond.

It is the only one that can protect your equipment from voltage and frequency variations in the network.

To complement the electrical protection system, an isolation transformer is recommended in order to:

  • Prevent damage caused by transients
  • It allows the connection to land when the infrastructure is not of the best quality
  • The transformer sets the neutral reference to the earth, thus preventing the electric current from causing damage to the equipment
  • The transformer isolates the battery voltage output, allowing maintenance work to be carried out without any disturbance in the loads

UPSs are not only used for server protection but in general for high precision equipment such as:

  • Medical equipment
  • Security systems
  • PLC